Buying real estate in Spain

As a lot of Europeans know, Spain is a nice Mediterranean country with beautiful coasts. Therefore, Spain is known as a country where a lot of Europeans own their vacation and retirement properties. Barcelona and Madrid also have a lot of foreign buyers for investment or residence.

For Spain there are no restrictions on property or land ownership for citizens. Also, there are no restrictions on property ownership for foreigners. However, there is property taxation to take into account.



of the households in Spain own real estate


million dwellings in Spain


average of the rent to income ratio in Spain


Laws and Regulations

Dual agency and open listing happen on a day-to-day basis in Spain. However, there is a current trend based on exclusive representation for mainly the seller but also the buyer agency.

The commission fees are mostly paid by the seller. However, in certain regions in Spain the seller and buyer pay for their own agents separately or for their dual agent.

There are no licensing laws/government regulation of the real estate industry in Spain except for Catalonia. Here an official registration is required which includes certain type of education. More regions want to follow Catalonia with these requirements but the European Community prefers no requirements. This to protect the entry barriers to the market.

In Spain referral fees are paid and the percentage for the commission necessary to pay is 25 % of the side.

Search portals

There is one private Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in Spain that operates nationwide but about 100 MLS websites that are focused locally. The main property portal for consumer property searches is Idealista


The process