Buying real estate in Belgium

In Belgium there is a very stable, well-regulated market. For Belgium there are no restrictions on property or land ownership for citizens. Also, there are no restrictions on property ownership for foreigners. However, there is property taxation to take into account.



of the households in Belgium own real estate


of the households in Belgium are a private tenant


of the households in Belgium are a social tenant


Laws and Regulations

There is exclusive representation in Belgium. Also, the seller party is represented. The commission fees are also paid by the seller.

There are licensing laws/government regulation of the real estate industry in Belgium. It should be renewed every 10 years.

In Belgium referral fees are paid and the percentage of the commission necessary to pay is 4.4%.

Search portals

There is no Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or other listing site in Belgium. However, there is a main property portal for consumer property searches called:




1. Search

Searching for the ideal property based on your criteria

2. Analysis

Analysing the property

3. Valuation

Assessment of the real estate and a valuation

4. Negotiation

Negotiations with the vendor/agent in order to obtain the best possible conditions

5. Contracts

Compiling the offer and reviewing the contracts