What kind of real estate is there?

1. Residential real estate

Residential properties are used in a single-family or multifamily structure for non-business purposes. Examples are condos, townhouses, duplexes, cooperatives, flats and even houseboats. 

2. Commercial real estate

Commercial properties are mainly used for business purposes. This type includes all kind of properties from apartment complexes to gas stations, from hotels to theaters. 

The main differences between residential real estate and commercial real estate are that commercial real estate has shorter leases and also larger down payments. Also, with commercial real estate the profitability can be calculated by square meter.

3. Industrial real estate

The industrial real estate already speaks for itself. These are properties that are used for production, manufacturing, research and development, etc. 

4. Land property

In the world of real estate, land is considered as the undeveloped property, vacant land, and agricultural land. 

5. Special purpose

These are properties that are used for the public. Think about libraries, schools, parks, government properties etc.